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Jack Russell

Unrestrained Dog

Mine Your Business prides itself on incomparable flyer distribution services. We confirm each house gets your flyer, postcard or door hanger. There are some houses that display NO SOLICITING and or NO TRESPASSING signs on their properties and if so our distributors respect these signs as long as they are visible. On the days there is dangerous weather conditions, unknown or unpredictable circumstances such as rain, wind, snow, snow storm, icy conditions, unrestrained animals and or any type of construction in that particular area, flyers might not be distributed. We will notify you and discuss other options.Our distributors are family to us and we put their safety in high regard.


Mine Your Business is not responsible neither do we guarantee what type of response or outcome you will get once distribution is completed.  We suggest keeping a track of your clients by surveying your foot traffic to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertised distribution.

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